Sherlock Holmes's Signature


Graphic Designers/Artists/Website Designers are invited to send a CV with some work samples   or ideas to John Aidiniantz,

We are looking for designers who can produce top quality artwork that will be applied to a wide range of souvenir items, such as mugs, plates, umbrellas, bookmarks, bookplates, tea towels, bar sets, shot glasses, playing cards, zippo lighters (engraved or printed), leather  wallets, key rings, labels, signs, stickers etc - in other words quality items that can be sold to tourists visiting London. We are not looking for "cut and past" jobs that have no artistic merit, but quality designs that are attractive and well thought out to suit a particular item.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum at 221b Baker Street London has a large selection of merchandise which we sell to our visitors from our ground floor shop. Our visitors are mainly from overseas countries and hence they appreciate souvenirs that remind them of their visit to London, and to the world's most famous address: 221b Baker Street!

There are a number of design elements that can be included in our range of souvenirs, depending on the particular product. This page lists the types of products we sell and of course more gift ideas such as a Sherlock Holmes Walking Tour Map of the area can be added. When we have improved the designs and produced a wider range of products then we will also need to publish these as an online shop on our website.


Some of the general design elements and text which could appear on various items depending on the product are listed below, as the inclusion of these elements increases the appeal of the souvenirs to overseas visitors. However, our existing images may need to be improved where possible!

"London" - "221b Baker Street" - "The Sherlock Holmes Museum" - "1881-1904" (the dates when Holmes and Watson lived upstairs according to the stories) - "Elementary Mr Dear Watson" - "Sherlock Holmes signature."


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The Blue heritage plaque
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The House
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The hansom cab image
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Hand sign
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Original Sherlock Holmes illustrations drawn by Sidney Paget. Examples:
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Victorian street lamp
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A Crest - this would need to be designed for the Museum.
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