Sample of possible playing card emblem


3.jpg (24232 bytes)
Note how a center oval can be blended with an outer frame - both elements would occupy the center of the card.


4.jpg (15415 bytes)
Note fern design - can be linked together to form a border.


5.jpg (13859 bytes)
Note how oval shape can be blended with an outer border - in the example the effect is slightly masonic.


6.jpg (6624 bytes)
Note how a white border can stand out on a dark background - a string of pearls can make a good border.


7.jpg (14509 bytes)
Possible corner design element to be mirrored on the other corner.

8.jpg (11340 bytes)
A nice old background element that could be used in some sections, adapted perhaps for Sherlock Holmes - such as small silhouettes in the middle of each square.


10.jpg (9285 bytes)
An example of text on banners: "The Sherlock Holmes Museum London" or "221b Baker Street."

11.jpg (53671 bytes)
An example of text on banners.


1.gif (190464 bytes)

Note the middle rectangular border - the silhouette could sit in a similar frame, with or without the flowery pattern. Note the arrow design near the edge of the ceiling (top left of image). Note the rectangular side panels separated by a circle - text could be placed in these panels.


2.gif (280680 bytes)

Note the fans in the corners - same thing could be done for the playing card. Note the black center circle design - it could be stretched to an oval border for a silhouette.