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Retail and Heritage Jobs London
Would suit graduates, actors, writers, teachers, musicians and other creative people looking for a break from their usual occupation.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum
221b Baker Street London NW1 6XE


Our contracts of employment provide reliable benefits to all our employees. Many of our staff have worked for us on a regular basis for a number of years. We can provide work to suit your needs.


TRIAL /TRAINING PERIOD (first 5 days) (70 gross PER DAY) = 70 PER DAY!

FIRST 3 MONTHS (80 gross PER DAY plus 10 HOL PAY= 90 PER DAY!
(90 gross PER DAY plus 10 HOL PAY) = 100 PER DAY!
AFTER 12 MONTHS (100 gross PER DAY plus 10 HOL PAY) = 110 PER DAY!

110 PER DAY!
(Christmas and Summer Bonuses also apply.)



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The Sherlock Holmes Museum.


Graduate Job Vacancies

Friendly Museum Staff wanted - Tour Guides - Retail Sales Manager/ess - Personal Assistant to the Curator - Retail jobs in London for graduates or mature staff looking for exciting career prospects. Charity workers who need to earn some money also welcome!

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is a popular London attraction with an international clientelle from all walks of life who share a common interest in the "Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes".

We are a quirky crowd of people who love to have fun and applicants should have an interest in the late Victorian period, be out-going and friendly and must have well-spoken English. You will be required to meet and greet people at the house (mainly overseas tourists) and to be in attendance to answer any queries. We also have a large heritage gift shop on the ground floor where you will be needed to assist with the selling of memorabilia to the Museum visitors and we have a library where visitors can put their feet up and read a book (silence please!).

If you have creative ideas and the ability to speak to the media on the Museum's behalf, so much the better!  A costume consisting of a long blue dress and white apron is provided to our younger female employees in keeping with the Victorian period and men wear a waistcoat and cravat. Senior staff wear ordinary clothing. If you are at least 6' tall you could play the part of our Victorian policeman. Why not give it a go? You only live once.

You do not need acting skills for this work, but only the ability to get on with people in a friendly way.

Working at the museum is fun - you just need charisma and sometimes diplomacy!

For character positions you would need to have a specific look for 'Mrs Hudson', a 'Victorian Maid', 'Victorian Policeman' of "English Butler.'  

There is the option to work part-time or full-time.

Please email your CV as a Word document + JPG PHOTO. Please state when you can start work, the days of the week you are available and let us know your ambition.

Please send your CV to Jobs@sherlock-holmes.co.uk


Graphic Designer


We are seeking a talented Graphic Designer for designing brochures and artwork for  souvenirs, such as bookmarks, mugs, playing cards etc.  Applicants should have experience using Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw and must be able to liase with manufacturers and printers.

Most of our items have a "Victorian" look and therefore you should have a natural feel for this period.

Here is an example of what you would need to create:

This is a basic style silhouette of Sherlock Holmes:

Silhouette of Holmes with pipe smoke and frame border. Sherlock Holmes


You will be responsble for liaising with manaufacturers to produce your designs.

In the first instance please email your CV to Jobs@Sherlock-Holmes.co.uk with a URL showing samples of your work. Remuneration is paid on a freelance basis or salaried position. We have lots of work that needs to be completed!

There are no discriminatory restrictions for this position as it is not a character position.


Retail Jobs London - 'Victorian Policeman'

Are you (or do you know of) a suitable person for this position?

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is looking for someone to play the part of a Victorian Policeman for meeting and greeting tourists visiting the Museum. The job involves interacting with the visitors, posing for photographs, and generally acting as a good public relations figure for the Museum. The Victorian Policeman is required to work both at the front door of the Museum and somtimes in our souvenir shop dressed smartly in a waistoat etc to play the role of a concierge.

Applicants should be at least 6' tall, slim, well spoken, with an outgoing and friendly personality. The job would suit a student looking for extra money.

There is the option to work part-time or full-time. The museum is open from 9.30am - 6pm every day. This is a character position although there are no Oscars to be won!

Please email your CV as a Word document attachment + JPG PHOTO attachment. We regret that body piercings are not permitted as they would not be in period. Please state your height, when you can start work, and the days of the week you can work (we are open every day except Christmas day!)

Please send your CV plus PHOTO to Jobs@sherlock-holmes.co.uk


PR work London - Newspaper Editor - The Baker Street Times


We are seeking a talented editor for our printed and online journal 'The Baker Street Times'. This publication presents the Life and Times of Sherlock Holmes to a wide audience around the world. The paper is currently in its draft stage - so we want an editor with ideas! The draft is shown on our website.

In the first instance please email your CV to Jobs@sherlock-holmes.co.uk with a URL showing samples of your work and any ideas you may have!

You will need to have experience in book or magazine publishing and online publishing and not just writing skills.

Museum and Gallery Jobs London - Cleaner


We are looking for a responsible cleaner to work full or part-time! Would suit student.

In the first instance please email your CV to Jobs@sherlock-holmes.co.uk

Subject to your skills you may also be asked to assist in our gift shop.

Auction personnel such as Sotheby's or Bonhams staff welcome - also Oliver Bonas, Threshers Wine bar or other retail gift shop experience such as working for Harrods or Smythson etc would be useful. If you have worked as a restaurant or bar manager manageress or any type of PR work in London then do apply!



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