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   No arrest  in  connexion with the atrocious murders  at the East-end  had  been  reported up to a late hour  last night either at Scotland-yard or  at  any  of   the  City police-stations, and although elaborate investigations have been made no further clue has yet been discovered.

   The funeral of Catherine Eddowes, the victim of the Mitre-square  murder, took place  yesterday  at  Ilford  Cemetery.  The  body   was   removed    shortly   after  1  o’clock from the mortuary in Golden-lane,   where  a vast concourse of people had assembled.  A  strong force  of  the  City Police,   under  Mr. Superintendent Foster, was present, and conducted the cortege to the City boundary. At Old-street a large number of the Metropolitan Police were present under Inspector Barnham. The cortege passed Whitechapel parish church,  and along Mile-end-road, through Bow and Stratford to the cemetery. The sisters of the ill-fated woman and the man Kelly, with whom she had lived for seven years, attended the funeral. Along the whole route great sympathy was expressed for the relatives.

   It is stated by  a news agency that definite instructions have been issued to the police that in the event of any person being found murdered under circumstances similar to those of the recent crimes, they  are  not   to    remove  the  body  of  the  victim,   but  to send notice immediately to a veterinary surgeon in the South-west District, who holds several trained blood- hounds in readiness to be taken to the spot where the body may  be found,  and  to  be  at   once put  on   the scent. 
The Times 9th October 1888)



At the Marylebone Police-court, on Monday, Edward Kenealy, twenty-five, wheelwright, was charged with rescuing a prisoner from the custody of the police, and assaulting the officer; and Bridgett Matron, thirty-eight, was charged with assaulting the same person. Police-constable Haycroft, 311 of the D Division, said he was conveying a woman to the station on Saturday night when the male defendant struck him on the ear and kicked him, and was so violent that witness lost his prisoner. He blew his whistle for assistance, when the woman pulled the whistle out of his mouth, and damaged three of his teeth. Police-constable 88 D gave corroborative evidence. The prisoner alleged that Haycroft used great violence towards his wife, and that she now bore marks of it. The female prisoner denied the charge and said the officer must have made a mistake. She heard the officer's whistle blown, and she and others ran up to see what was the matter. Mr De Ruizen remanded the male prisoner until a summons was to be heard against Mrs Kenealy.


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Troubles of a "Ghost"


A Magistrate's Advice Sought

  A pale, thin young man was among the applicants at the Westminster Police Court to-day, his complaint being that he had been discharged without notice from his employment as a ghost in one of the side shows at the Earls-court Exhibition. - Mr Marsham told the applicant that he ought to have sought advice at the West London Court, but perhaps it was hardly worthwhile going there, as a man who took the part of a ghost would probably be considered as an artiste outside the Employers' and Workmen's Act. Did not the applicant regard his share in the illusion as a work of art?

Not a Work of Art

  The applicant did not think so, considering that he was at work from the early afternoon till the exhibition closed for 1 a week. He asked for a little extra remuneration for his heavy labour on a Sunday, when he helped to move the show from one part of the grounds to another, and instead of getting it he was discharged.
 Mr Marsham - That was rather a material obligation to impose on a ghost (laughter), but still I think that under the circumstances you must go to the County Court.


George Yates was remanded at Heywood to-day on a charge of breaking into St James's Church, Heywood, and stealing the contents of the poor-box and sacramental wine. The accused was seen in the locality without stockings on, and when arrested he had a number of threepenny pieces in his pockets.



  THE QUEEN,  it is said, is very indignant at the intrusions upon her private life made by certain society journalists. Mr Labouchere is the greatest sinner, for, while playing the part of Court newsman in one column, he is an unscrupulous Court critic in another. "Society" journalists in England and America are very much exercised to find a bride for Prince Edward of Wales. At home, the editors have quarrelled among themselves as to what German Princess the heir-apparent will marry. In America it has been settled that he is to find a wife in the States. As a wag has put it, "he is to go into the United States to get into the united state". All this is offensive to her Majesty, and, in consequence, the Court chroniclers are in future to be deprived of much of their inspiration. It was nearly time.


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Oh! the gladness of a woman when she's glad!

Oh! the sadness of a woman when she's sad!

But the gladness of her gladness,

And the sadness of her sadness,

Are nothing to her badness -
When she's bad!


Singleton's Eye Ointment - insist on it!


Puzzled Lady Love

She: Why do you love me dearest?"
He: "Er-why? Because you are not like the other girls, for one reason."
She: "Who were the other girls?"

A Heartless Retort

Wife: "Haven't I suffered in a thousand ways since I married you?"
Heartless husband: "There is one way you haven't".
Wife (indignantly):"In what way is that?"
Heartless husband: "In silence".


Parishioner: "Your voice doesn't seem to be quite so powerful as that of our last preacher. Are you sure you can make all the congregation hear what you say?"
Priest: "Well, not those who stay at home"

To the Point

"Well, Johnnie," said the visitor, "I suppose you'll begin going to school again very soon."
"Do you like going to school?"
"Yes; it's staying there after I get there that I don't like."

Property, Not Life

"I say, do you think Wiggins is a man to be trusted?"
"Yes, rather. Why, I'd trust him with my life"
"Indeed; but with anything of value, I mean".


All day she waits for his coming,
'Tho' she knows that at eight he'll appear,
And they sit and chat together
Till the time for parting draws near;
Then she sweetly asks, "What's your hurry?"
As the door she turns to unlock,
"None at all," he replies, rather hotly,
"But your father is winding the clock!"


He who knows not and knows not that he knows not, he is a fool - shun him!

He who knows not and knows that he knows not, he is teachable, teach him!

He who knows, and knows not that he knows, he is asleep, wake him!

He who knows and knows that he knows, he is wise,  follow him!



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