Prince Harry 'honey trap' allegations

Prince Harry

Prince Harry turned 18 this year

Newspaper allegations about a plot to take DNA samples from Prince Harry's hair, have drawn a 'no comment' response from St James' Palace on Sunday.

The allegations in the Mail on Sunday and Sunday Times claim a girl was to have been used to pluck a sample of the Prince's hair for a DNA testing.

The newspapers reported that Prince Charles's private secretary Sir Michael Peat had been tipped off about the elaborate 'honey trap' and contacted police.

Major James Hewitt

Major James Hewitt has denied categorically that he is the Prince's father

Scotland Yard has also refused to comment, but no complaint is believed to have been made, nor any investigation under way.

The Sunday Times claimed Sir Michael was tipped off about the alleged plot last week, after receiving a letter outlining the details.

The letter was handed to police and Prince Charles and Prince Harry were alerted, the paper claimed.

Both Sunday newspapers said Sir Michael - the man conducting an inquiry following the recent butler allegations involving St James' Palace - may have thought the News of the World was connected to the alleged plot.

But Stuart Kuttner, managing editor of the paper gave an angry denial on Sunday saying: "The allegation that we would attempt to obtain a sample of Prince Harry's hair is utterly preposterous.


"We did not do this, never attempted to do this and it has never crossed our minds to do so."

He added: "If this is the approach Sir Michael Peat is adopting in his investigation into sleaze at the Palace, we can only assume he'll find everyone guilty - regardless of any evidence."

He said any notion the paper was involved was "bonkers".

"It's a pity Sir Michael chooses to think otherwise."

Major James Hewitt, who had an affair with the late Diana, Princess of Wales, spoke out recently to deny rumours that he is the father of Prince Harry.

He told the Sunday Mirror in September this year: "There really is no possibility whatsoever that I am Harry's father."

The former cavalry officer said people compared Harry's looks with his own, but he stated categorically: "I can absolutely assure you that I am not."

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