The Sherlock Holmes Memorabilia Company


Memories and Adventures - London 31st October 2006

In July 1992, THE SHERLOCK HOLMES MEMORABILIA COMPANY opened its doors to the public on a site known to Sherlock Holmes followers as "The Empty House", which stands immediately opposite the present day 221b Baker Street occupied by the Sherlock Holmes Museum.

Today their shop has finally closed after 14 years of providing a secondary but attractive merchandise outlet to the Museum's visitors. The Curator of the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Ms Jennifer Riley, has made the following statement:

"We are sorry to see the demise of yet another local shop in the area that helped to make Baker Street such a lively and interesting place for visitors. The local fishmonger also had to vacate his shop recently due to the ever-increasing rents being demanded by landlords, so it is not surprising that with a poor summer in regard to the number of  tourists visiting London,   many businesses in the tourism sector were bound to suffer.

The only two themed retail shops remaining in the immediate vicinity are the London Beatles Store and the Elvis Presley Shop further down Baker Street - and if one may pardon the pun both of these shops appear to be holding on by the seat of their pants, facing stiff competition from London's free attractions.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum will continue to provide a variety of services that the public has come to expect, and we intend to introduce more exhibits in the new year and new souvenirs in the run-up to Christmas, for the education and delight of our visitors. We are excited about our new online shop "Collectibles" that will shortly open, offering merchandise via the well-known ebay sites around the world. Why not register your interest today, and avoid the rush!

The Memorabilia Company's shop may now be just a memory, but as long as Colonel Sabastian Moran does not take up residence again in "The Empty House", we look forward to seeing who the new occupiers will turn out to be."

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