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Around the building

On arrival at 221B Baker Street, you can expect to be heartily greeted by one of Victorian London’s most recognisable figures, the famous British ‘Bobby’. You’ll enter through the iconic 221B front door, following in the footsteps of many troubled, yet hopeful people seeking the assistance of consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, and make your way up the narrow staircase to the first floor.

A Study in Scarlet

Reaching the first floor, you will be welcomed by one of the housemaids or butlers and ushered into Sherlock’s study for an introductory tour of the heart of 221B. The study is preserved perfectly, as described in the stories: you’ll almost be able to picture Holmes and Watson themselves, enveloped in pipe smoke, deliberating over a case or meeting an illustrious client.

Amongst the treasure trove of authentic décor and items from the Victorian era, see how many of the duo’s own belongings you can spot, from Sherlock’s chemistry set and violin to Doctor Watson’s medical paraphernalia. Peruse Watson’s writing desk, spy on the fine meal they have laid out on the table, spot the letters ‘VR’ shot into the wall by Sherlock, and even take a sneak peek into the detective’s bedroom next door to see his deerstalker hat and Persian slippers just as he left them.

My dear Watson

Making your way up to the second floor, you will find Doctor Watson’s bedroom, orderly and tidy as befitting of a military man. Ponder the curiosities from his time serving with the British Army in India and Afghanistan, and marvel at his collection of now very rare medical texts. You might spy Watson’s notes on the Baskerville case, or even the chair depicted by the artist Sidney Paget in his famous illustration of Holmes in ‘The Greek Interpreter’.

Next door, in the room belonging to Holmes’ long-suffering landlady Mrs. Hudson, discover rare Victorian books on etiquette and cookery, mementos of Sherlock’s famous cases (some of which are not for the faint-hearted!) and possessions belonging to our beloved detective from key points in his life and career.

The Napoleon of Crime

Climbing to the top floor come face-to-face with the ‘Napoleon of Crime’ himself, Professor Moriarty, as well as other memorable characters including the bewitching Irene Adler. Get up close to our life-size, lifelike waxworks to witness climatic moments in some of Holmes’ darkest cases – and of course what journey to 221B would be complete without your own photograph with Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson!

Take a slice of Sherlock home

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