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Visitor Regulations

These visitor regulations provide for the safety, wellbeing and security of our staff, visitors and premises.


There is no public right of entry into or through the Sherlock Holmes Museum and it is a condition of entry that you abide by these visitor regulations.





We welcome you to the Museum and wish you a pleasant and enjoyable visit.

Admission to the Museum is chargeable at £15 per adult and £ 10 per child, under the age of 16. Admission is free for any child 5 years old and below.

We regret that it may be required, in the interest of security or public safety, to change the Museum`s opening hours or close/ limit access to specific areas of the Museum at any time, and without prior notice.

Should it be necessary, for any reason, to close all or part of the Museum, we may direct you to leave or prevent you from leaving by certain routes.





The Museum is open daily from 9:30 until 18:00.

Last admission is at 17:30 and you may be asked by our staff to begin to leave up to ten minutes before closing time.

Summer and Christmas opening hours may vary.

The Museum is closed 24 -25 December.





 The Museum can become very busy at times. You are asked to be patient and respectful to other visitors.

Filming inside the Museum is not permitted without prior consent. Whilst pictures are allowed, especially consideration must be taken during our guided tour on the first floor.

Our security and front of house staff are easily identifiable by their uniform. They are authorised by the Museum to require you to comply with these visitor regulations or any other guidance given by them.

Our security may ask you to leave if they believe you are intoxicated or your behaviour is causing risk, disruption or annoyance to others. Under these circumstances we reserve the right to refuse your admission to the Museum, ask you to leave and/or be escorted from the Museum premises.

Please be aware that we will not tolerate any abusive behaviour towards members of our staff and failure to comply with the lawful directions of our security staff may put you at risk of committing a criminal offence.





The museum only allows 15 people at a given time. Please be aware that your group may need to be divided.

For school teachers visiting the Museum, at least one responsible adult will be required for a group of 14 children.





You must not bring into the Museum any item of luggage, except pushchairs, or mobility aids if you have a disability, however due to the nature of the museum this might not always be possible unfortunately.

Wheeled cases are not allowed onto the Museum premises.

You must not leave any of your property unattended at any time in the Museum, including in any outdoor areas. We reserve the right to have unattended property removed and or destroyed without warning in the interests of safety and security. You will not hold us liable if we remove or destroy any property that you have left unattended.

Lost property will be kept in accordance with our policy.





You may use your photographs only for your own private and non-commercial purposes, which include use in personal, non-commercial social media profiles, blog and websites provided no further commercial reuse of the content is permitted by the terms of use of social media platform website.

To film for commercial purposes, you must make arrangements in advance via email.

Email: curator@sherlock-holmes.co.uk





The consumption of food and drink are not permitted inside the museum.

We do not have a designated area for food and drink consumption; however there is an extensive choice of restaurants and cafes nearby.

We ask for all visitors to dispose of any uneaten food and packaging responsibly.





Animals are not allowed in the Museum under any circumstance, with the exception that you may have a disability and need to be accompanied by a guide / assistant animal.





In the public interest and for the protection and safety of our visitors and property, the Museum operates a secure, closed circuit television system throughout the museum.